Top 10 Fastest Runs of 2015

2015 Results

Some of the greatest moments and best times were had at our Thursday night's 4D Jackpots.  Not as formal as our Bulls and Barrels events or our Buckle Series, the Jackpots are great for everyone at every level.  Here are the top 10 fastest runs and horses from our 2015 4D Jackpots.

2015 was a great year for barrel racing at Circle S Rodeo.  We were blessed to see over 160 riders come through our gates participating in 17 events. 

Top 10 Fastest Runs of 2015
KathyDickasonWJackpot 9/26/201516.311
LorieManningLa JollaJackpot 4/19/201516.329
MeganCalhounDotJackpot 11/21/201516.356
Stevee AdamsMaddyJackpot 12/19/201516.377
MelissaBoyetteCrashJackpot 9/26/201516.396
LorieManningLa JollaJackpot 11/12/201516.472
JuliaMcHaleClooneyJackpot 6/11/201516.485
BillieHrabalDraglineJackpot 9/26/201516.535
KelseyPowersBugattiJackpot 10/10/201516.583
SteveeAdamsMaddyJackpot 10/30/201516.592